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Wondering what the best makeup products on the market are? Us too! Whether you are looking for makeup inspiration, a more natural beauty routine, or just looking to buy a new makeup product look no further. These products are all tested by us personally so you don’t have to.

Tarte Vegan Mascara – Big Ego Review

Given the wild success of the Tarte brand, and the credibility they’ve built up by having quality products that are often vegan friendly and cruelty free, I’m a sucker to try the...
best cruelty free mascara

Too Faced Offers the Best Cruelty Free Mascara (Better Than Sex)

Too Faced Offers The Best Cruelty Free Mascara - Too Faced, Better Than Sex Some people say that almost any mascara gets the job done. Generally, I'm one of...

W3ll People Review: Nudist Multistick

W3ll People is a well known brand in the natural makeup/vegan space. In general, I refer to it as one of the natural brands that actually work. You know what I mean...

This is the Best Eyelash Curler I have Ever Used

No matter how many times I use an eyelash curler, I can’t get over the fear of stabbing myself in the eye, or accidentally ripping out every single one of my precious...
The BEST All Natural Mascara

The Best All Natural Mascara (Ilia Mascara Review)

I have been on the hunt for the best natural mascara for a while! After getting sick with parasites and then POTS I went 4 years without putting on...

The Best Foundation for Dry Sensitive Skin (Paraben Free)

Okay, so technically this is marketed as a skin tint, but to me it is all the same.  It is lighter than a heavy foundation, but that is exactly what makes it...