30 Best Eco-Friendly Makeup Products

Eco-Friendly makeup is a growing trend in the beauty industry. It is wonderful to see more and more brands pivot in this direction as the benefits for you and the planet are all positive. Not only will you do good for the planet by using these products to reduce waste but they are healthier for you. For example – cutting out things like synthetic perfumes or artificial ingredients in your foundation or lipstick may actually nourish your skin. (Cutting these ingredients out did wonders for my skin and health.)

Those harsh ingredients can really cause issues for all skin types but especially those who are extra sensitive. They may even cause damage to your complexion or create unwanted allergies.

What is even better is that these natural products are not as expensive as you may think. You will see what I mean in the products we think you will love.

What are Eco-Cosmetics?

When you see the word “eco” – which is short for ecology, think of the word environment. Environmentally friendly makeup is a blanketed term used in several industries that refers to companies making efforts in production that do not hurt the planet.

This may refer to renewable “raw” materials they use in packaging, organic ingredients used, or even how they test products. Every company is different and the best way to find out their practices is by looking on their website or asking them.

In addition, eco-friendly cosmetics are synonymous with green living – another popular term, with the same defining ideas. Keep in mind that green and sustainable are terms used pretty interchangeably also.

Eco-Friendly Makeup

Below are the 30 of the best eco friendly makeup products from 10 best sustainable makeup brands.

All are available from one of the following earth conscience retailers: Sephora, Credo, Ulta, Dermstore, The Detox Market, or even the brand website itself!


Limitless Lash Mascara

The winner of multiple beauty awards, this mascara truly seems limitless. With its nourishing formula, flakes are no where in sight. While the patented double-sided wand helps to curl and lengthen your lashes.

Tinted Lip Conditioner

Ilia does not call this one a “cult classic” for nothing! It is not just a lipstick but also an ultra-hydrating lip balm. Which makes for the perfect daily go-to color – not too matte, not too sheer.


Another award winner, the multi-stick is your answer to beauty on the go. While it is meant for your cheeks and lips, some use it as an eye shadow as well. The buttery texture will seamlessly melt into your skin.

Tata Harper

Be Adored Tinted Lip Treatment

The best part of this lip color is not the color! Yes, it is a beautiful raspberry tone – however it is also a treatment. Make your lips smoother and fuller looking with a touch of semi-sheer glamorous color.

Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint

Take Tata wherever you go with their lip and cheek tint. The color is long lasting and contains anti-aging ingredients! There are multiple colors for every type of “look” you want to achieve.

If you are trying to find more brands that are cruelty free like Tata Harper, you have to check out The Ultimate List Of Reputable Cruelty Free Makeup Brands!

Very Highlighting

A skin friendly highlighter – finally! It goes on somewhat thick so keep in mind a little goes a long way. It will add a subtle glow to your skin wherever you need it.

Juice Beauty 

Phyto-Pigments Last Looks Cream Blush

Buildable color for the win! This blush will take you from day to night. Use a small amount for the office and school hours then add more for an extra “pop” after hours. It is so quick and easy.

Phyto-Pigments Light Diffusing Dust

Juice Beauty’s diffusing dust gives your complexion a blurred effect. It camouflages imperfections, absorbs excess oil, and makes a great makeup setting powder. No filters needed!

Phyto-Pigments Liquid Lip Stain

If vibrant color is what you are after, this is the one. It feels like a lip balm but looks lip a stain and gloss in one. The flattened shape of the wand makes a big difference when you application.

W3LL People

Bio Brightener Powder

The fine powder is what makes this W3ll People brightener work so well. It works great on its own or over make-up. Plus it is formulated to diminish the look of fine lines when in use!

Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner

It is amazing to find such an effective eyeliner in organic cosmetics. It goes on easily without irritation. You will why this is a best-seller.

Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30

This is just like a BB cream, with an SPF and bendable coverage. It has a silky lightweight texture, not thick or heavy at all. The only issue is that colors sell out quickly!

Looking for W3ll People lip products? See our review on their Nudist Lip Butter!

RMS Beauty

“Un” Cover-Up

Hello options! Everyone should be able to find a tone that works with their complexion. Your skin will look healthier with just the right amount of lightweight coverage.


This stain is so incredibly creamy, you will actually enjoy putting this on. Everyone loves a multi-tasking product to make their lives easier. Especially if they actually work, many professional make-up artists swear by this one.

Living Luminizer

Living Luminizer is the best. Not only does it give you a healthy sheen, like you were just workout out. But, it comes in multiple shades – that is so difficult to find in any highlighting makeup.


Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

Yes, this concealer is creamy and brightening but possibly even better is that it does not feel tacky. You will find it leaves your skin dewy also. Plus there are so many shades to choose from!

Weightless Lip Color

All of the hues available with this lipstick are so versatile. It goes on creamy but the colors are definitely opaque. Some are even really bright and rich looking.

10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow

How fun is this eyeshadow! It goes on as a liquid but dries very quickly. You will be left with a lighter eye color that gives you some sheen too.

Bite Beauty

Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon

This award winning crayon is the one you will want for deep color that lasts. It goes on very precisely and thick. However, do not worry, it is moisturizing and glides easily.

Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder

One more award winner for Bite Beauty! Their pressed powder is make with talc-free minerals. It goes on matte and will give full coverage.

Outburst Longwear Lip Stain

Team this up with their lip crayon for a chic evening option. You will love the deep color this stain offers. Be prepared to turn heads!

Alima Pure

Satin Matte Foundation

An award winner for Alima. This foundation comes in 45 different shades! Made with minerals and intended to improves your skin texture – you will love the weightless feel.


Not all highlighters are as light and blendable as this one. Use it to brighten or emphasize areas on your face that need a boost. Try it on your eyes, cheeks – even your collarbones.

Satin Finishing Powder

While this is intended for use over your makeup, you can use this powder on its own as well. It works really well as a “no-brainer” way to look put together quickly. Another mineral based miracle that softens the look of your complexion.

Tarte Cosmetics

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

This popular award winning blush has a huge following for its ability to give you a youthful flush of color. It acts like a finishing powder – helping to blur lines and pores. All the colors are super cheerful.

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

This foundation is full coverage and looks matte but feels like a whipped mouse. It is comes in some many color, there is something for everyone. The hydration is provides is really unexpected.

Shape Tape Concealer

Talk about a best-seller! This is the natural concealer everyone wants. It comes in so many colors and actually covers those areas you do not want shown without being cakey.

Tarte is eco-friendly but is is cruelty free? Read our take on this popular brand.

100% Pure

Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eye Liner

How cool is this! An eyeliner made with actual tea leaves. It is intended for long-wear, is water-proof, and ultra dramatic. This is the line if you are looking for a deep-inky color.

Bamboo Blur Powder

100% Pure’s finishing powder has bamboo to give your skin a matte look. It also absorbs oil and helps to retract light for a slight glow. If you want a tinted but semitransparent option, try this!

Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick

Real fruit gives the color for all the different hues this lipstick formulation comes in. It is creamy but opaque when applied. Antioxidants will replenish the delicate skin around your mouth as you wear it.

Hopefully you found an eco-friendly replacement for your favorite makeup from this list. Which brand are you trying? Let us know in the comments!

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