This is the Best Eyelash Curler I have Ever Used

No matter how many times I use an eyelash curler, I can’t get over the fear of stabbing myself in the eye, or accidentally ripping out every single one of my precious few lashes. While I haven’t poked out an eye yet, I’ve definitely accidentally sacrificed some eyelashes to the unforgiving curler.

Given my apprehensions, I felt a need to experiment with another curler and ultimately found out that this one works so much better! If you gave up on eyelash curling because you just couldn’t get it, or even if you are comfortable with your existing curler there are plenty of reasons to try the XXXX curler, it just works better.

Best Eyelash Curler – Life Changing Eyelash Curler

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The main benefits of this curler are…

It opens wider than other curlers

Given that the curler opens wider than most others, this makes it a whole lot easier to get my feeble lashes in it, i.e. it is ultimately a time saver. 

Less mascara transfer

By making it easier to get all of my lashes into the curler, it makes it so I don’t accidentally transfer mascara onto my eyelid. Too many times I’ve had to go back and clean up my mess.

Designed for more stability

I know you may think you just need stability in your car, but there are real benefits to having a more stable eyelash curler. Given that it has side supports, as well a reverse spring, it doesn’t feel like you are accidentally going to twist the curler and poke yourself in the eye or inadvertently pull part of your eyelid into the curler.

It is also designed with a spring to open the curler rather than close it. This helps you to not get parts of your freshly curled lashes stuck on the curler.


Is this eyelash curler going to change the world of makeup forever, no. But if you have any apprehensions about curling your eyelashes, or are prone to accidentally transferring mascara or pinching your eyelids, this is 100% a better way to go.

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