This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up Review

Yes it is cheesy, but their brand name “this works” is correct when it comes to this primer, moisturizer, and mask. The In Transit Camera Close-Up by This Works really does work for each of the suggested functions.

The BEST moisturizing primer – This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up

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I’m normally skeptical of all-in-one products, though I can’t resist giving them a shot in hopes of saving time getting ready each day, or saving valuable space on my bathroom counter. Often times I find that all-in-one products only partially work for each of their purported functions. When I got the This Works In Transit at Dermstore as part of a subscription box, I had that exact concern.

In a Rush? Quick Summary

Overall this product works amazing well as a moisturizer, primer, or mask. It legitimately makes my face feel amazing and primes my skin perfectly for a makeup application. Even though I love the product, it’s too expensive for me to use on a daily basis. Want more details? Keep reading below for the full in-depth review.

My Experience Using It

Keep reading to see what made this product so good, and what the drawbacks I found after using it for multiple weeks.

Filling in Pores

I often feel that my pores are open craters across my face. To fill them in, I look for thick primers that aren’t too cloggy (I’m sure that isn’t a word, but you get the idea). Somehow, the In Transit Camera Close-Up works at accomplishing each of those goals.

It goes on thick, but somehow spreads out really well, i.e. the product will last longer.

It’s the Best Moisturizing Primer

I’ve used other primers that fill my pores, but ultimately were really bad for my face. They caused me to dry up and crack or break out soon after. Thankfully, this moisturizing primer holds up when I’m sweating in the stifling Las Vegas heat.

With this, there is no need to use a different moisturizer before primer. Both steps are accomplished simultaneously, saving valuable time.

Smooth Application

This Works primer definitely helps my makeup go on smooth. I tend to get less cakey, and experience less cracks/lines around my eyes. Given that I’m no makeup artist, I need all the help I can get to prevent my makeup from filling in these lines.

Some primers seem to moisturize well, but once I put on the rest of my makeup it tends to grease up and slide all over the place (especially smudging onto my clothes). One of the best features of This Works primer is that it sits nicely on top without sliding all over.

Biggest Negatives

The biggest negative of this product is the price. For a stand alone moisturizer or primer it is pretty expensive, but this is exacerbated even more if you use it as a mask. Using it as a mask just takes up more product, which inevitably makes you run out quicker, requiring you to spend more.

Thankfully, the product does spread out pretty well, meaning you don’t need to use that much when using it as a primer and moisturizer.

How I Use This Works In Transit Close Up Today

Given the price, I tend to wear This Works In Transit Close Up only on my heavy makeup days. Generally, I opt for a more affordable moisturizer on other days. If price was no object, it would be my daily go to as a priming moisturizer. Given current realities, this priming moisturizer will mainly stick around for special occasions.

What do you think?

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