Too Faced Offers the Best Cruelty Free Mascara (Better Than Sex)

Too Faced Offers The Best Cruelty Free Mascara – Too Faced, Better Than Sex

Some people say that almost any mascara gets the job done. Generally, I’m one of those people. Historically, I’ve felt that a drugstore mascara works about the same as a higher end product. Though if there is something that will work better, faster, or is not awful to animals I’m open to giving it a shot.

The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara claims to be the best cruelty free mascara, and the #1 selling prestige mascara. With all that hype how could I resist giving it a shot? Were the benefits something that I could appreciate? Or did you have to be a makeup artist to even be able to tell.

Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review Conclusion

Overall, the product works really well. It is better than a drugstore mascara, but I wouldn’t say that it is twice as good to offset it being more than twice the cost. That being said, this is a mascara cruelty free lovers will want (to be honest, everyone should want to go cruelty free).

Is Too Faced Vegan? Is Too Faced Cruelty Free?

You may wonder, “is Too Faced vegan? Not all of Too Faced’s products are vegan, but their Better Than Sex Mascara is.  You may also wonder, “is Too Faced cruelty free?” The answer to that question is yes, all of their products, including the Better Than Sex Mascra is cruelty free.

As far as cruelty free vegan makeup goes, Too Faced has a decent offering, though be careful to check each label if that’s important to you. The Better Than Sex is a mascara vegans can be okay with.

My Experience With This Cruelty Free Mascara

Given that my lashes are naturally much shorter than I would like, I rely heavily on mascara to give me the lengthened look I need.  Some mascaras lengthen well, but have a tendency to smudge all over my face. If I’m not careful, I can go from alluring eyes to black eyes with one accidental smudge.

Lengthening and Building

The best part about the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is that it lengthens my lashes, and doesn’t smudge, even with an accidental rub here and there. Another huge benefit associated with the lengthening is that it doesn’t require me to build via 13 different coats. It only takes a couple, which saves me a ton of time when getting ready.

The Wand

When I compare it to a normal mascara I get thicker longer lashes quicker. The shape of the wand also helps me reach the shorter lashes without accidentally ruining my concealer. The bows in the wand help reach each of the smallest hairs.

Conclusion Again – A Mascara Cruelty Free Advocates Want

Without a doubt this is a mascara cruelty free advocates should want. Whether you get it in the waterproof, regular or travel size it works better than drugstore brands, and even a number of other higher end brands. It costs about double the cost of a drug store mascara, but it isn’t two times better. For someone thats wants the absolutely best or needs a quick build, I highly recommend it.

Where to buy The Better Than Sex Mascara

Sephora – If you don’t like, you probably have one just down the street for returns.

Nordstrom – A great place to buy, ALWAYS free shipping and free returns even after opening the product!

Ulta – Another ubiquitous option for in store buying and returns.

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