Hunza G Swim Review (Is it Worth the Cost?)

If you are looking for a swimsuit that will fit you no matter your size then you have to try Hunza G bathing suits. I was first drawn to the swimwear line after finding out I was pregnant with my first child and did not want to waste my money buying maternity swimwear that wouldn’t fit me after having my baby.

Hunza G is a one size fits all crinkle swimwear will fit me pregnant and not pregnant! Something all my other swimwear brands failed to do.

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What is Hunza G?

One size fits all swimwear.

Hunza G’s crinkle swimwear collection stands out in the fashion swimwear market due to its unique texture and versatile fit. I first tried out the swimwear line while pregnant. After just 14 weeks of pregnancy my old swimwear was already not fitting because my boobs had virtually doubled in size and my butt was not far behind.

The Hunza G bathing suits are made of distinctive crinkle-stretch fabric, the swimwear comfortably hugs the body, accommodating a range of sizes, which is a significant plus for inclusivity. This one-size-fits-all approach, generally suitable for UK sizes 6 to 14, makes Hunza G a popular choice for those looking for both style and ease.


I have the Hunza G Bikini and strapless one piece. They are both so so flattering and comfortable. I bought mine from because the pricing was cheaper than buying directly from Check them out here for the best pricing.


The aesthetic of the swimwear is both retro and modern, with a nod to the 80s glamour — a decade in which the brand initially gained fame. The high-cut leg designs and vibrant color palette are particularly appealing, providing a stylish look that complements a variety of body shapes. Furthermore, the fabric’s texture not only enhances comfort but also adds a visual interest that is both flattering and forgiving, smoothing out any perceived imperfections.


I will be the first to admit I was a bit concerned about the quality before ordering. However, the swimwear has proven to be of great quality.

Durability is another strong point, with the fabric maintaining its shape and color well over time, even with regular use and exposure to pool or sea water. This makes it a good investment for those looking to avoid the fast fashion cycle.

Does One Size Actually Fit All?

The one-size-fits-most approach may not cater to everyone perfectly, especially those outside of the specified size range. Additionally, while the crinkle fabric is praised for its comfort, it might not offer as much support as some might wish, particularly in terms of bust support.

Hunza G Bikini

I love love love the Hunza G bikini. Pregnant and non-pregnant, they are so comfortable and stay in place throughout the day.

Where to Buy Hunza G Swimwear and Why

Although buying directly from Hunza G website has the best selection they are generally more expensive and if you are in the US returns are sorta a pain. Although returns are free you will have to go to a special DHL shipping center to do your return.

Farfetch Best Pricing! I bought this one piece swimsuit for $130 on sale with an additional 15% off coupon code at Farfetch. Had I purchased it directly from the official Hunza G website I would have paid $230. Free returns at Farfetch within 14 days.

Ssense – Frequent sales! Another great buying option if you are looking for a deal! Their prices are generally cheaper than shopping directly from the Hunza G website. Shop Hunza G at Sensse here.

Below are a few more places I recommend checking out.

1. Shopbop

Why Buy Here:

  • 15% off first order!
  • Seasonal Sales: Shopbop frequently offers seasonal sales, making it possible to snag your favorite pieces at discounted prices.
  • Wide Range: Shopbop carries a broad selection of Hunza G swimwear, from classic designs to the latest trends.
  • Prime Benefits: As a subsidiary of Amazon, Shopbop offers benefits such as fast shipping and easy returns for Amazon Prime members.
  • Customer Service: Known for its excellent customer service, Shopbop ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Shop Hunza G at Shopbop here.

 2. Revolve

Why Buy Here:

  • Easy Returns: The return policy is straightforward, allowing for hassle-free exchanges or refunds if needed.
  • Free Shipping and returns.
  • Trendy Selection: Revolve is known for its trendy and up-to-date selection, making it a great place to find the latest Hunza G styles.
  • Customer Reviews: The site features customer reviews and ratings, providing insights into the fit and quality of the swimwear.
  • Frequent Sales: Revolve often has sales and discount events, making it possible to purchase high-quality swimwear at a reduced price.

Shop Hunza G at Revolve here.

2. Farfetch

Why Buy Here:

  • Best Pricing: Sales! It is so easy to find Hunza G pieces on sale here. They are also currently offering 15% off for new customers.
  • Wide Range of Options: Farfetch connects you with a global network of boutiques, offering a wide variety of Hunza G swimwear styles and sizes.
  • Exclusive Pieces: You can often find exclusive and hard-to-get items on Farfetch that are not available elsewhere.
  • Flexible Shipping and Returns: Farfetch offers flexible shipping options and a straightforward returns process, making it easy to shop with confidence.
  • Fashion Advice: The site provides detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and fashion advice to help you choose the best items.

Shop Hunza G at Farfetch here.

Hunza G Review Conclusion

Overall, Hunza G’s crinkle swimwear line is highly recommended for those seeking a unique, stylish, and comfortable option in swimwear that stands out from the typical offerings. The brand’s commitment to quality and distinctive aesthetic makes it a worthwhile addition to any swimwear collection.

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