Best Skims Underwear (Review & Try on)

Best Skims Underwear – A Review

I have tried so many pairs of Skims underwear. Some I loved, some I hated. I am a huge fan of Skims but they offer so many products it can be quite overwhelming to know which ones to try first. Here are my picks of the best skims underwear after years of wearing. 

Skims is a popular brand started by Kim Kardashian. They offer a wide range of sizes which I love. The sizing can run small or big depending on the style. If it’s your first time trying Skims underwear hopefully this review will help answer some of your sizing questions. 

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My sizing for reference

For reference I am 5’3, wear a size 4 in jeans and wear a 34C bra. My weight fluctuates a lot and I have a lot of bloating issues, because of this I need my underwear to be very stretchy and comfortable. I want it to fit me if I lose or gain 20 lbs.  

Best Skims Underwear (From a SKIMS Addict)

Best Skims Bras

As any girl knows, it can take years to find a good bra.  For years I’ve always been frustrated with how none of my bras fit properly. Either the cups felt too narrow, or somehow would gape.

Problems – For bras, I am looking for something comfortable and that gives a good shape. I don’t want underwire and I don’t want padding. I want comfort. 

I know what you’re thinking, Kim Kardashian bras?? They probably are just flimsy little bras that only look good on implants? But if they give good shape and lift, I’m in!  I particularly love unlined bras that are still supportive. 

I own so many Skims bras, but these are my favorites. 

Skims Bra Sizing 

For reference I am 5’3, wear a size 4 in jeans and wear a 34C bra. 

For sizing, I personally do not follow their size guide. I have found that not to be the most accurate. I wear a size medium in all their bras. 

Skims Soft Smoothing Bralette

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For daily wear I am obsessed with the Soft Smoothing Bralette. It’s super soft, extremely comfy, and easy to put on (no clasp) and no tag! Ugh, I hate tags, they get so scratchy.

And might I say, this bra makes the girls look AMAZING!

It adds the perfect amount of lift and coverage while still being so comfortable. The adjustable straps make it so you can get the perfect fit, with some flexibility. There is nothing I hate more than straps that fall off my shoulders, or are too tight.

I hate any bra with underwire and I am all about comfort and shape. This bra is it very comfortable and I like the shape it gives my boobs. See photo below.

This is my most worn bra! I wear this bralette for every day wear but you would wear it for yoga, pilates, walking or biking. It isn’t really supportive enough for me to run in it. In my opinion, it is one of the best pieces skims offers. The fabric is so soft!  

If you have a larger chest I would definitely size up. They come in so many different colors, most of them neutral tones. 

They hold up really well. I have been wearing these since they launched a couple years ago, washed and worn hundreds of times and they still look the same as they did when I first got them. The quality is great.

Note: If you are interested in seeing more of the soft smoothing collection you HAVE to try the Soft Smoothing Turtleneck Top. It is to die for!

Best Skims Underwear try on
Wearing the Soft Smoothing Bralette (size medium) with the Skims Cotton Long Sleeve shirt (size small).

Skims Boy Shorts

These are so so comfortable and they stay in place so well. The boy shorts are definitely one of my most worn pairs of Skims underwear. I also like to sleep in them. 

I prefer the fits everybody boy shorts over the soft cotton ones. While the cotton ones also have a very comfortable fit they do not hold up as well after several washes. Also, during that time of the month I also have issues with wearing tampons so during my periods these are the best underwear! They keep everything in place but feel like second skin. 

The cotton boy shorts do not stay in place as well as the fits everybody boy shorts and they are thicker material. Making them not as comfortable to wear with clothes (IMO) than the fits everybody ones that are basically second skin. They are definitely worth wearing. 

The fits everybody collection has very stretchy fabric and is see through. The inclusive size range offered by Skims makes it so everyone can wear it, no matter your body type. Check them out on the Skims website here

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Dipped Front Thong

The Dipped Front Thong is amazing and perfect for daily life. It is perfect if you want to avoid underwear lines.

Where to buy Skims

I almost always buy directly from the Skims Website ( They offer free shipping if you spend over $75. You can make returns within 30 days for a fee of $6. If you make your return for store credit they will waive the return fee.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a fan of Kim K. or not, it’s irrelevant here. Good underwear is hard to come by. And I genuinely think she really knows what she’s talking about. I can tell by the product that so much thought and effort went into it, but even then I wasn’t expecting the quality, fit, sizing, comfortableness to be at the level it is. I genuinely recommend!

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