Why You Should Start Using Rosemary Essential Oil in your Beauty Routine

At first the thought of using rosemary in any way other than a herb in my homemade pasta sauce seemed pretty odd. The fragrance is nice but I didn’t really want to feel like a meatball. So I did some research and found some really amazing ways to benefit from rosemary essential oil.

But recently I came across an article talking about the amazing benefits of Rosemary essential oil and it got me thinking about how I could start using rosemary oil in my every day routine

So let’s get right to it.

Why You Should Start Using Rosemary Essential Oil

Here’s a list of why you should start using rosemary essential oil…

What are the Uses of Rosemary Essential Oil?

To stimulate your mind so you increase the ability to concentrate, improve your memory and become more productive.

To relieve any anxiety and stress you may have by calming your nervous system. 

To cure your itchy scalp and reduce dandruff in order to grow healthy hair and provide some relief.

To relieve various forms of pain. Like tension from headaches and migraines, joint and arthritis pain, and inflammation. 

To get rid of extra bacteria and oil production – say goodbye to acne!

Help to treat any breathing problems and congestion when inhaled.

Soothe any scaly and dry, itchy skin you may have from Eczema and Psoriasis.

How to Use Rosemary Oil

From what I’ve read and tried there are several ways to actually put rosemary oil to use, here’s how I do it…

Issue: Dry, itchy, patchy scalp and skin – use a shampoo, lotion or conditioner.

Issue: Acne or increased oil production – try an acne spot medication, toner, or face wash with added rosemary oil.

Issue: Trouble breathing, brain fog, or emotional distress – give pure essential oil in an oil diffuser a go.

Do you have to use Organic Rosemary Oil?

I wanted to know if you really need to use organic rosemary oil or will any product work?

Turns out that not only should you use organic rosemary oil but “certified organic rosemary oil”. By being certified – you can be sure that your rosemary oil is 100% pure with no fillers, no additives, no bad chemicals. That means you’ll be using something that is much less likely to cause any harm to your skin or respiratory system. In other words, safety for you!

Where to Buy Rosemary Essential Oil

I found that some really great places to buy rosemary essential oil were online, like most things. Below are some really wonderful products I found for any issue you may have.


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