Coolest Essential Oil Diffusers

Who wants average anyway? These are not the boring essential oil diffusers you find all over Amazon. I have nothing against those, I even started with two of them. But I never really looked forward to turning them on.

Then I found these essential oil air diffusers from Urban Outfitters and decided to bite the bullet and spend a little more to get one that I truly love. 

They have therapeutic lighting. And are great looking office, bedroom, living room, or even car decor. I’ve had lots of compliments on them.

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Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Here is a list of the coolest essential oil diffusers out right now. 

Side Note: Does anyone else excited when they finally come out with a battery powered one? I HATE cords! They’re always in my way.

SERENE HOUSE Cannon Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Buy from Urban Outfitters.

This is so awesome! I had been wondering if it were possible to use aromatherapy in my car, I thought of a lot of random ways to make it work – then I found this aroma diffuser. Personally, I use it all year long but it’s super helpful in the Winter months when my car is freezing and the air is so dry and musty. 

I love the rose gold color, it looks beautiful in my car. It’s about three inches long, made of safe plastic material, and easily clips onto most vents for dispersing. It actually comes with three pre-scented sticks: Eucalyptus (an herbal blend), Focus (a blend of bergamot, lemon, and tea tree), and Refresh (a blend of lemongrass, orange, and mint). To clean it just use a damp cloth. 

This one has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating and at $14 it’s totally worth a try.

3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser

Buy from Urban Outfitters.

I can see this one running at a girls night in or even a Halloween party – it has such a unique vibe to it. This crystal ball actually has holographic LED light affects.

This ultrasonic diffuser is both a humidifier and will add your favorite essential oil scent into the air. You can chose from fourteen different mood boosting colors, timed diffusion, and diffusion variation – wow. It’s made of plastic, glass, and metal, holds about eight ounces of water and coverages about 500 square feet. I think this crystal ball is telling you there will be good skin in your future, haha.

It has 4.6 out of 5 stars and comes in at $54, check it out here.

Fancii & Co. Aqua Mist II Mini Humidifier

Buy from Urban Outfitters.

This is exactly what I need for my office. It will convert any water bottle into your own personal nebulizing diffuser. It provides humidified relief from dry air quietly, quickly and conveniently. I don’t see why you can’t add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and use it as a diffuser if your office permits!

It’s battery operated which is great, has a USB port for charging if you’d rather, is so quiet, and has a cool timer function for two, four, or six hour intervals of use. It holds up to almost a 20oz bottle of water. You just attach your bottle, flip over, and start.

 It comes in white and is $30, go see.

Moon Essential Oil Diffuser

How cute would this be as a gift to tell someone you “love them to the moon and back”? Or maybe for your favorite outer space aficionado? This electric oil diffuser lights-up and is made from ceramic – which I adore. It’s easy to wipe clean and comes in an off white color. Try it with some lavender oil or a blend of your favorite that put you to sleep – by the light of the moon, ha!

It’s rated 5 out of 5 stars and is $69, give it a go. 

SERENE HOUSE Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser

Buy from Urban Outfitters.

This diffuser is perfectly petite! You can easily take it to work with you at only five inches tall. This brand boosts serenity and durability in its design. It’s made of plastic and this electric diffuser actually charges with a USB that can be detached while in use – it can even be carried in a small purge. You just add water and your favorite oils then turn on. It has a shut-off switch for safety and a three or six hour intermittent run time.

It comes in red, green, white, and black – it’s $25 and you definitely consider it. Check it out here.

Pyramid Essential Oil Diffuser

A mirrored pyramid essential oil diffuser? Yes please! The straight lines of this one is perfect for any modern decor. It’s so chic and calming to watch it dispersing you favorite scents. It works perfectly with any of your favorite therapeutic grade essential oils (or blends) for just the scent profile you desire. It’s made of glass and PVC. Comes in silver and can be wiped down easily to clean.

A bit pricier at $89 but so worth it, take a look.

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