Ilia Lipstick Review: The Best Organic Lipstick

As always I am trying to make more and more of my beauty routine clean. As someone with extreme skin and dietary sensitivities I need to make sure the products I use are as mild as possible. This is especially true of ones that I could accidentally partially ingest (yes, I’m sure I inadvertently swallow lipstick all the time).

I love the Ilia cosmetics brand, but could the Ilia lipstick be the best organic lipstick?

Ilia Lipstick

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Ilia lipstick Review

You don’t have to wait to find out, I LOVE Ilia lipsticks. Somehow these natural products provide amazing color, extreme longevity, and they don’t dry your lips out requiring you to apply gloss 52 times a day.

The lipstick was more matte than I expected, but somehow it isn’t drying at all. I’ve had some really bad experience with matte lipsticks. Even though I love matte colors, I find that a number of them go on clumpy and then crack. Maybe it’s me not moisturizing my lips enough causing problems, but the Ilia lipsticks go on smooth and stays smooth.

I love a soft feeling lipstick, especially when it doesn’t fade away in a short amount of time. It feels very high end with it being so comfortable to wear.

Ilia Lipstick Ingredients

This is where Ilia separates themselves. Somehow the lipstick performs like others that are full of much more harmful stuff. Ilia products are made with USDA certified organic ingredients.

Ilia Lipstick Swatches

The Ilia lipstick swatches tend to be a lot of natural and matte colors. The have a few bold selections, but I love that for the most part their colors are ones that I can wear just about any day. See their colors here.

Where to Buy Ilia Lipstick

As the brand gains popularity they are available at more and more stores. You can buy it at Nordstrom! Yay for free shipping and free returns. Recently ilia lipstick has been added as what I think is the best organic lipstick at Sephora. You can also get it at Credo, and Dermstore. Or, of course, Ilia Beauty.


Ilia lipstick is a splurge worthy organic lipstick that I can’t seem to get enough of. I am not the only one. Ilia beauty has blown up over the last few years as more and more women seek out the best organic lipstick and makeup brands.

What other Ilia makeup products have I tried? 

I love, love, love their foundation. It is my favorite. Check that out here. I have also tried and love their limitless mascara. Worth it! 

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