Has drinking celery juice helped heal my POTS Syndrome?

Is it annoying hearing everyone talk about celery juice? Have people told you to just “drink celery juice and it will cure all your chronic conditions”? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Anytime people start pushing “weird” things on you with unrealistic promises it can get annoying real fast. I get the frustration, I really do. But hear me out because I am one of you.

I was bedridden for 4 years with POTS Syndrome. Anytime I tried to sit up I would pass out. I couldn’t walk without assistance. I couldn’t crawl up the stairs. I had a fever ever day and felt like I had been beaten with a metal bat and had the flu, I slept while everyone was awake and was awake while everyone slept. I was isolated and was to sick too even care. I felt like I had the brain of someone 100 years older than me.

I lost what felt like just about everything (except my family). I had lost my health and with it my ability to walk, talk normally, work, drive a car, think clearly, and I was not able to keep any friends around. They say “when you are healthy you have a million dreams, when you are sick you only have one.” Man is that true!

Has drinking celery juice helped my POTS Syndrome (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)?

I am not going to say celery juice alone cured my POTS, because it did not. I wish it was that easy. It took more than celery juice. A lot more. But did celery juice play a critical role in healing my POTS? Absolutely.

It took/still takes so much work it’s painful. And work isn’t enough, it takes time, a lot of time. It takes ALL your time.

How long have I been juicing celery juice for?

As I am writing this I have been juicing celery every single day for a year and a half. Today, I am the healthiest I have been in a long time. My fever is gone, my heart palpitations barely show up anymore, I can stand and talk to someone without forgetting my own name. I have an immune system again! In fact, just this week my husband was sick and I never caught it. It was a weird feeling to not be the one sick.

I was in no way fully healed from POTS Syndrome when I started the Anthony Williams diet recommendations and celery juice.

I still struggled to stand and talk to people. I had anxiety. I would get so weak at times that I had to go back to using a wheelchair and yes, I was still passing out. I still had symptoms, I just was no longer bedridden.

Now – I travel the world with my husband and will probably always drink celery juice and follow Anthony Williams, the medical medium’s other dietary recommendations.

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