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Why Everyone Needs a Pair of Safari Shorts

Long Shorts for Summer While these may not be my husbands favorite shorts, I like them! They look great with...

Swimsuit Trends 2019: My Favorite Leopard Print One Piece

Leopard Print One Piece: My Favorite Swimsuit Trends Leopard print isn't new to fashion. In some form animal prints always seems to come back...

The Perfect Summer Dress

Summer Outfits - The Perfect Summer Dress The "Perfect Summer Dress" to me is one that is comfortable, lightweight, and one that you can...
Spring trends! This polka dot silk dress is one of my favorite to wear for spring or summer.

Silk Dress Trend: How to Make a Silk Dress Look Casual

Silk Dress Trend: How to Make a Silk Dress Casual There is something about a silk dress that just sounds fancy..though I am generally NOT fancy. I like being comfortable in my clothes, i.e. wearing...

I am Jumping on the Neon Swimsuit Trend, & Why You Should Too

Why I love the Neon Swimsuit Trend Neon swimsuits have come in and out of fashion over the years and recently they are back! honestly, I couldn't be happier...