Tie Dye Outfits Subtle Enough for Anyone to Pull Off

If you are wondering how you can wear the tie dye trend without looking silly, you have come to the right place.

I love the tie dye trend, but know that it can go wrong fast if you don’t wear it right!

I bought this tie dye shirt at Revolve (I linked all my favorite tie dye outfits) and immediately was impressed. I felt like it was a ‘classy’ tie dye and something I could wear to work, church, or out with friends.

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I ordered a size small and extra-small (note – Revolve always has free shipping and free returns which makes online shopping so much easier). I decided to keep the size small as it gave me extra room without being too baggy. Also, it protects me in case I accidentally shrink it in the wash (unfortunately I have a tendency to do this).

Buy your tie dye button up here before they sell out. There are a few sizes left; I am not sure if they will restock or not. Fingers crossed they do.


One of my favorite purchases of 2019. It is comfortable, classy but trendy, and subtle enough for anyone to pull off.

Shop more of my favorite tie dye outfits below!

Thank you so much for reading! What do you think of the tie dye trend? Would you wear it?

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