5 Best Essential Oils for Cleaning

The fumes that come from commercial cleaners containing synthetic chemicals can be terrible for your health. Especially if you have any underlying issues (like POTS Syndrome). I feel queasy thinking about how bad that stuff is to breathe in. So I thought I’d try making my own “pure” cleaning products using essential oils derived from plants.

Essential oils are natural and biodegradable and many contain powerful antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties that make them ultra effective at household cleaning.

Keep reading to find out my top 5 essential oils for cleaning.

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5 Best Essential Oils for Cleaning

Here are the 5 best essential oils for cleaning

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is my favorite essential oil for cleaning. It has a clean, citrusy scent without any of the heavy chemicals or fragrances. This freshening oil is antibacterial and antiviral, it’s tough on grime and dissolves any dirt it comes in contact with.


Lemon essential oil works well as an all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen and toilets. It’s also great for shining wood floors and furniture.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Is there anything tea tree oil can’t do? It fights germs, bacteria and viruses in everything from homemade wipes to hand soap to daily shower spray. It is a weapon to fight back bugs also..


Tea Tree essential oil makes a fantastic shower cleaner. You can use it to make hand soap for defeating any grease on your hands. Create an all-purpose cleaner with it as well – it’ll help you battle the dirt from your kitchen to your bathroom. Add tea tree to a spray bottle with water, shake well, and spray outside and inside the home to deter lice and other pests

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has calming qualities, making it ideal for use around the home. Its soothing scent works well in the bedroom to reduce stress and induce sleep. But did you know that Lavender essential oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-odor. You can keep your bedroom fresh and bacteria free.


Use lavender oil to clean your mattress and linens while adding a relaxing scent. It also works well for toys because it’s very effective against viruses and bacteria, and safe for children.

Orange Essential Oil

There are tons of ways to use orange oil. Not only does orange oil have an uplifting scent, but, like other citrus essential oils, it works amazingly well against grease. 


Try using it to lift grease or glue from surfaces. Or to wipe down stovetops and counters. It works well as a homemade fabric softener, natural floor cleaner, and an energizing kitchen spray.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Not only does Eucalyptus essential oil have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve read that when used around the home, it can actually help improve seasonal allergies plus it supposedly can fight the bacteria that cause influenza, pneumonia, staph, and strep . It’s also powerful for fighting mold and mildew. Definitely worth a try!


With its refreshing smell, Eucalyptus essential oil is great for the kitchen and bathroom. Use it in cupboards to discourage pests. It’s been shown to be a powerful dust mite “buster” – try using it to deep clean your mattress and a wash for stuffed animals.

In Conclusion

Using essential oils for “pure” cleaning is a terffic way to naturally clean your house without having to worry about the harmful side effects of problematic ingredients. I hope this list has shown you ways to boost the effectiveness of your cleaners, naturally make your house smell clean.

Have fun trying different mixtures with what I consider to be the best essential oils for cleaning and brighten up your entire home!

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