Impact of Chronic Illness on Individual – It’s not your personality

It’s not your personality Impact of Chronic Illness on the Individual

When sick and bedridden I remember feeling (or being told) that “I was negative” or “not fun to be around”. The implication was this was a statement on my personality! I responded with, “If you knew me before this sickness you would see a different me”.

It was refreshing when catching up with old friends because they knew me before I got sick. They could see the difference. I didn’t have to defend myself or “lack of personality”.  

It is hard to go through. It is also hard for others to understand how much a long term illness can make your personality seem different.

Since being sick have you been told you are negative? What tips do you have to help deal with misunderstandings? 

2 thoughts on “Impact of Chronic Illness on Individual – It’s not your personality”

  1. Virginia Fontela

    My dear, hi! I am Virginia, from Argentina, South America. I am writing because I had a chronic disease, I had lupus and now I only had problems in my hand skin, espwcially during the winter. I am vegetarian, almost vegan and I do not eat or drink sugar, flours, alcohol and coffee and I practice yoga and crossfit 5 days a week. I am very healthy but I am still trying to solve the problem in my hand skin. Any suggestion for me?
    I am drinking celery juice every morning .
    Congratulation and keep going!

    1. Hey Virginia! Thank you so much for your comment. I also LOVE drinking celery juice every morning! I am working through my own dry skin issues at the moment. The only thing I have found that has helped is making sure I get good sleep (so my body can heal), lowering my stress levels (love that you do Yoga!), and making sure I am really hydrated by eating lots of fruit, celery juice, freshly squeezed apple juice, and cucumber juice. It is helping but it does take time, and there always seem to be set backs along the way. I would check out the medical medium and see if there is anything else that maybe could help! Sorry I don’t have a better answer. Some times just take time.


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