Juice Beauty Reviews: Organic Sunscreen

Juice Beauty Reviews: Organic Oil-Free Sunscreen

If you are looking for a new organic sunscreen and want to know if you should give this one by Juice Beauty a try, then keep reading…

My first impression of Juice Beauty Sunscreen was I liked the packaging – It felt “expensive”.

My second thought after applying it was, this sunscreen seems ‘different’.  I couldn’t really put my finger on what it was. The smell perhaps? The texture? Still not exactly really sure.

My third thought came after using putting it on for the first time – it was “I want to wash this off my face immediately” and I did.

I really did not like how it felt at all the first time I used it. I don’t love the feel of it on my skin, but it isn’t the worst natural sunscreen I have tried.

It feels thick, it feels chalky, and overall just felt off.

After trying it out for the last few months my initial thoughts and my opinion has only changed slightly more in favor of it, overall it is okay. I don’t find myself reaching for it very often but I can see how some people could like it if it works well with their skin type.

My thoughts – This is a middle of the road sunscreen for a high end price. 

Things I like about Juice Beauty Sunscreen – 

  • It is reef safe. 
  • Formulated with organic ingredients. 
  • Cruelty Free.

I have severe allergies that can come with a whole host of reactions to random beauty products and I love that this product did not give me any weird rashes or reactions. I had no issues with this sunscreen.  

My rating – 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

Note – I would rate it higher if it wasn’t for the price. I expect more out of a $30 than I would a $10 sunscreen so higher priced products will always be ranked harsher for that reason.


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