If We Can Find a Purpose to the Suffering, The Suffering Becomes More Bearable

If You Can Find a Purpose to the Suffering, the Suffering Becomes More Bearable

Believing that God has a plan for me has kept me grounded through the challenge of chronic illness. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t felt near impossible to get through (most days). It just means that I always knew there was a purpose to my suffering, even if I didn’t know what the exact purpose was yet. I trusted that everything would one day work out.

Try and find a purpose to the suffering.

For those who aren’t sure what they believe – It’s OKAY

Never let anyone shame you for not believing in something you feel like you should. How can you believe in something that you have never personally felt or experienced? You can’t! So don’t beat yourself up. Life is hard enough.

Never let anyone use religion against you. That is not what it is meant for.

If you are interested you can read more about what I believe here.

What are some of the beliefs that have helped you through the difficult times in life?

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