Beyond Yoga Review: The Best Leggings You Will Ever Try

Beyond Yoga Leggings are one of the best workout leggings I have ever worn. So if you are still asking yourself “is Beyond Yoga is worth it?” I can honestly say YES, they are. They are my favorite leggings for working out and lounging in. I love them so much that when I first tried them on I was couldn’t believe I had managed to go so long without hearing about them.

Beyond Yoga Leggings Review

Am I the only one that generally refuses to spend more than $40 on yoga pants? I tried “high end” yoga brand pants and have never felt the quality was worth the cost…until now.

I randomly came across a pair of Beyond Yoga leggings while shopping revolve during yet another sleepless night. Insomnia sucks!

I love shopping at revolve because they always have Free Two Day Shipping and Free Returns. And as an added bonus the returns don’t take 4 weeks to go through!

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Beyond Yoga Review: Are these the Best Leggings that are NOT see through!

Honestly, I planned to try them on to see what the hype was about, and then return them since they were $97. When I tried them on I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I finally leggings that are worth $100!

Since then I have purchased four more pairs on sale as well as a pair of yoga shorts that are just as comfortable.

Sidenote – Looking for a Beyond Yoga sale? I have a Beyond Yoga Promo Code for 15% off your entire order – Promo code 2JbxsTn or purchase through this link. Remember, you get free shipping and free returns.


Best Beyond Yoga Leggings

The Beyond Yoga Space Dye Leggings – high waisted are the best beyond yoga leggings, hand down. I own 4 pairs of these now.

The Quality is amazing: Durability and Washing

Another amazing aspect of these leggings is that you can wash them with your normal laundry, including putting them in the dryer, without them turning into tissue paper, becoming uncomfortable, or losing their color. After numerous washes they are still just as thick, comfortable, and opaque as they were brand new. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that many brands do not hold up this way.

Where can you buy Beyond Yoga Leggings?

Nordstrom – Beyond yoga returns are free.
Revolve – Free 2 day shipping & free returns

Beyond Yoga Sizing

Beyond Yoga sizing runs true to size. I am wearing a size small in all my Beyond Yoga leggings (for reference I am 5’3). They come right to my ankles and the capri ones are the perfect length as well. I hate it when capri leggings come up too high on my calf; these fall perfectly above my ankle.

Beyond Yoga Sizing

Shop Beyond Yoga

Have you tried Beyond Yoga workout clothes before? What is your favorite brand of workout leggings?

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