7 Best Essential Oils for Relaxation

The Best Essential Oils for Relaxation

Essential oils can be used for a very large number of different ailments and each oil serves a different function. Some oils are meant to help headaches and joint pains, some oils are meant to help with an upset stomach, anxiety, or sleep issues.

One of the biggest benefits I have found since using essential oils for for relaxation. There are so many different essential oil blends that can help you relax, below we will get into a few of my personal favorites.

Calming Essential Oils

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the best essential oils for stress and anxiety without a doubt. Any time you hear about lavender in any capacity it is normally in order to reduce stress and help with sleep. It is a gentle enough oil to be used in a variety of ways. The benefits of Lavender essential oil are huge.

Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

As long as lavender is mixed with a carrier oil it can be used as a topical agent on the skin. It can also be used in an oil burner and as an incense. People have also ingested lavender, as it is safe to take, however, you should never take any essential oil without examining it very closely first.

Lavender is an oil that is fairly safe, but always do your research as every essential oil will affect every person differently.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender can be used for calming, as a sleep aid, bee stings, minor cuts and burns, eczema, dermatitis, nausea, motion sickness, nosebleed, chapped skin, sunburned skin, chapped lips, hayfever, dandruff and cold sores.

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2. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (​Chamaemelum nobile​)

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Chamomile Essential Oil for Relaxation!

Chamomile is another oil that is well known for its calming properties. It has also been known to settles stomachs. It is most consistently used with lavender and is most commonly used as a tea.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind.

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3. Frankincense Essential Oil (​Boswellia carteri ​or​ boswella sacra​)

Uses of Frankincense essential oil

One of the best benefits of frankincense essential oil is that it has the ability to immediately induce great feelings of peace and relaxation. Frankincense is one of my favorite essential oils and one that I have also used daily during times of stress. It is a great one to drop into your diffuser while doing Yoga. It also smells incredible!

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4. Bergamot (​Citrus bergamia​)

The scientific name of bergamot is Citrus aurantium var. or Citrus bergamia and it is mostly a tropical plant. It has the ability, however, to survive in Europe, it just does better in tropical conditions. It is a sedative and an anti-depressant, so it works wonders for relaxation.

Bergamot essential oil benefits & uses

Bergamot can improve blood circulation, prevent pain or prevent infection and can reduce fevers, all in addition to helping one calm down.

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5. Rose Essential Oil

Roses are a very popular flower on a few occasions, two of them being weddings and funerals. This is because rose settling to the emotional and is one of the best oils for relieving anxiety and depression, helping with panic attacks, grieving and shock. Rose oil, like lavender and chamomile, is gentle enough to be used for ingestion, on the skin and in a diffuser.

If using rose oil on the skin, it should always be used in a carrier oil first.

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6. Ylang Ylang (​Cananga odorata​)

Ylang ylang has been noted to induce cheerfulness, courage and optimism, plus soothes fearfulness. It has the ability to calm heart agitation and nervous palpitations.

Yang ylnag has been shown to help people with the issue of insomnia. It is best used in a diffuser, and keep in mind this oil may cause issues if used on the skin.

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7. Vetiver (​Vetiveria zizanioides​)

Vetiver has a very tranquil, grounding and reassuring energy. It is most often used in trauma, plus it decreases jitteriness and hypersensitivity. It is known for helping with self-awareness, calmness and stabilization. It has been said to have uses in helping with panic attacks and shock.

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It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about essential oils for anxiety and health before you decide which ones will work best for you.

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The benefits of using essential oils for relaxation go far beyond what has been summarized in this post, but hopefully it will give you a great starting point and act as a guide for any beginners out there.

Have you guys tried using essential oils for relaxation? Which essential oil blends are your favorite?

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