The Best Essential Oil Diffuser for A Large Space

Essential oils have blown up in popularity recently due to a push for a more natural approach to wellness.  

So you are looking for an oil diffuser for a large room?  

I will admit that I have always been very skeptical essential oils in the past. However, after giving them a try I have found myself really enjoying them!  So much so, that I now own 3 essential oil diffusers. One for my office, one for my gym and one for my bedroom.

I bought them all from Amazon and although some did not work out (broke after the second day) and it was super easy to return. The others I am still using and loving!

I never thought I would be one of those people with diffusers all over their home but I totally turned into one.  

I don’t believe essential oils are the cure for cancer, but I did find a lot of benefits when I started using them. Read about the benefits here.

Does using a diffuser really make a difference?

I have found that the diffuser you use does make a difference, especially if you are looking for an essential oil diffuser for a large space.  Some of them barely have any steam come out which would be perfect for a small room, but wouldn’t work if you are looking for an essential oil diffuser for a large space.

In this post I am going to focus on my favorite diffusers for large spaces.

These are all Ultrasonic diffusers which disperse oil molecules using high-frequency vibrations. The great thing about these is that they work with all types of oils and are impressively quiet.

What to look for when buying an Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space?

Tank size –  For a larger room I wouldn’t go any smaller than a 300ml tank.  This will give you about 8 hours or more of continuous flow. If you want the smell to be more powerful you can add more drops and vice versa.

Noise Level – I don’t care what room I have my diffuser in, I don’t want it to be loud.  

Auto shut off – Important if you are like me and turn it on and then forget about it.  Or want to sleep with it on in your room or your kids room.

Cool Led Lights – This one may not be a big deal to some people but I love doing some yoga stretches before bed and hate having bright lights on.  Being able to turn on my diffuser and have it give off a nice warm glow is a must have feature for me. I also will use it as a light in my office when I am working late from home.  I love it!

Return Policy – You want to make sure it comes with a return policy.  I bought one that broke within a week and I was so happy to find out they offered free returns.  Always a good thing to (check for) look out for.

TaoTronics 300ml Ultrasonic Humidifiers

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This one is one of the most popular on Amazon with over 3,600 raving reviews!

Paxamo Modern Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Air Humidifier

I use this one for my office.  The reason I liked it so much was because it does not look like your typical essential oil diffuser.  I wanted something that didn’t look like plastic for my office and this was the perfect fit.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to take the top off if you want to use it as a light for the room.  I guess that is the trade off for getting a dark wood grain design. The light does show through the top, but it isn’t bright enough to use as a light.

I also loved that it isn’t bulky.  It has a really sleek and modern design but yet it carries a 300 ml tank giving you enough steam to fill a large space.

This is really just an added bonus but it feels really expensive since it does not actually have a button.  It is like a touch screen which is really cool and a feature none of the other ones I bought had.

Have you guys tried using essential oil diffusers?  Which is your favorite?

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