Veradek Planters Review – The Best Modern Rectangle Planters

The Best Modern Rectangle Planters by Veradek

I love the look of modern planters. Especially square and rectangle planters. I think they can work extremely well indoors or outdoors. The problem I’ve run into for years is that the only ones I can find are either too small, way too expensive, or made of really cheap material.

To try to find my own I explored so many random stores and wasted hours shopping online.

Thankfully, you don’t have to repeat my quest since I’ve finally found the solution.

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Veradek Planters
Veradek Modern Rectangle Planter

Veradek makes planters that tick all the necessary boxes.

Their entire line is sleek and modern. They are made of extremely durable metal that you can use indoors or outdoors. When handling they feel really solid (i.e. you may need help moving the bigger ones).

I purchased our first (this one in black) 6 months ago and loved the design so much that I just purchased another. I find the modern look to work in so many different areas. I describe it as a subtle statement piece. Get your own here.

The second one we ordered is a short rectangle planter here.

Where is the best place to buy Veradek planters?

All Modern – This is where we bought ours and we couldn’t be happier with them. The shipping was free, which hardly ever happens with HEAVY planters you purchase online. (For reference we bought these planters from and they charged us $75 shipping and delayed our shipment like 6 times! What was supposed to be delivered in a week ended up arriving 4 months later. We loved the planters but hated the customer service.)

Shop all modern square and rectangle planters here.

Home Depot – sells a variety of Veradek planters but they are not currently selling the exact ones featured in this post.

What is your favorite places to buy modern square/rectangle planters? Comment below!

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