Solar Recover Brand Review – Misting Spray

The Solar Recover brand was started by a pro tennis player out of Southern California to help alleviate skin damage from constant tennis matches. They didn’t intend to create an entire business/brand, but their products were so successful the company couldn’t help but grow.

I also like the company’s claim that they don’t test their products on animals (only themselves). They are probably best known for their Solar Recovery Spray, but spoiler alert, I think they have another moisturizing cream that works better. Read more about that here.

The Every Day Moisturize Lotion Delivered In Water – For Dry Skin has a name that is long enough to confuse you. Basically it is a misting spray that you can quickly apply to help alleviate a sunburn, or moisturize your skin. The idea is that it can be your daily moisturizer or a method of recovering from a sunburn.

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Solar Recover Brand Review – Misting Spray

Unfortunately many all-natural products just don’t work as well as their chemically filled counterparts. I’ve tried other sprays that literally feel like a squirt gun full of water is pummeling my face. Thankfully nothing I’ve tried from Solar Recover gives me that feel.

So what about the Solar Recovery spray review specifically?


Feels Refreshing

When you spray it on your face it feels incredible. It always seems to feel cool (not cold) and refreshing.

Large Bottle

The 12 ounce bottle lasts for a long time. A couple squirts is enough to cover your face, yet each squirt doesn’t drain half of the bottle.

Smells Good!

Though the smell is subtle, it is sweet and refreshing

Quick Application

It doesn’t get any quicker than being able to pick up a spray bottle for a couple quick squirts.

Not Sticky or Oily Residue

With each application you don’t need to worry about an oily or sticky residue. The feel


Needs Constant Re-applications

I love the feel, but it just doesn’t last long enough. If you are looking for a quick spritz to refresh your skin go ahead, but if you are trying to moisturize for the day or soothe a burn this will not last unless you carry the bottle with you. To get through the day I anticipate I would have to spray every hour. Is it the best cure for a sunburn? Maybe, but only if you are able to apply constantly.


While there are definitely more expensive sprays and lotions, this is not one I would describe as cheap.


While I will definitely use the rest of the bottle I have, I do not plan on re-buying. The Solar Recover product I do plan to buy again is the moisturizing lotion as I think it has all the benefits of the mist with much fewer drawbacks.

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What do you think of the Solar Recover Spray?

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