Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas: The Best Pajamas

Historically, I purchased the cheapest pajamas I could find. The thought of spending $65 on a pair of pajamas seemed absurd. When I ended up with a pair of these Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas they ruined that line of thinking. They are so much more comfortable and relaxing; I literally did not know what I was missing (here are the exact ones I wear).

The good news is every year (in August) Nordstrom has a big sale where they drop the price from $65 to $39. That is when I stock up!

Below are a few of my favorite styles currently offered.

Moonlight Dream Pajamas

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Moonlight Dream Crop Pajamas

Moonlight Dream Short Pajamas

Moonlight Dream Dolman Nightshirt

Which on do you like best? Let us know how you like your new pajamas in the comments below!

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