Living with Chronic Illness and “looking sick”

Living with Chronic Illness

One “benefit” associated with a lot of chronic illnesses is that you don’t usually “look sick”. While this can create a whole host of problems with people thinking you are faking, the alternative of having your illness no longer being invisible has its own drawbacks.

Often times I now hear that I now, “look different”. Even though they usually don’t intend any harm, I know what they are referring to and it hurts to hear.

People look at photos of me from two years ago and don’t even recognize it as me. I get so tired of hearing, “you look so different” that I’ve gone out of my way to take down old photos so people can’t compare my present reality with the look I used to have.

While sick, it is hard seeing your appearance change so drastically. Previously I never had sunken cheeks, scratchy skin, rashes, or pimples all over my back, etc.

I know it is something lots of people have to deal with. Keep in mind that recovery needs to focus on more than just the body. We gotta get our confidence back up as well!

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