dpHue Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Review

dpHUE ACV Rinse

Let me start out by saying, I had high hopes for this hair rinse. Before we get into what disappointed me about this product, let me start with what I liked.

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ACV Hair Rinse: What I liked

It felt incredible going onto my scalp, it has a “cooling” effect when you put it on and feels like a spa for your scalp.

The ingredients feel healthy because they are healthy for your scalp and hair. I have so many sensitivities but this ACV hair rinse gave me no issues whatsoever!

I love the concept – it is supposed to be used as needed so you do not strip your hair of essential oils it needs to be healthy. As someone who dies their hair every few months I always try to go as long as I can in-between washes to allow some of the moisture back in.

ACV Hair Rinse: What I didn’t like

I liked it, but I did not find it sufficient enough to be a substitute for shampoo. It did not leave my hair feeling or looking clean. It didn’t seem to take any of the oil out and instead, added a new interesting feel to my hair afterwards. 

The claims

They say on the bottle that “A shampoo substitute that gently removes impurities.”

I have read a lot of amazing reviews on the Dp hue apple cider vinegar hair rinse so obviously my experience is not everyones.

Have you tried this apple cider vinegar hair rinse? Did it work for you?

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