The Best Detangler for Natural Hair

This brush is the best detangler for natural hair

What is it? The Harry Josh detangling brush. It’s amazing.

Harry Josh Detangling Brush

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Harry Josh Detangling Brush


I have heard a lot of talk about Harry Josh hair tools and while I was disappointed in his blow dryer, I absolutely love the Harry Josh detangling brush.

I also have the mini detangling brush. It works so well that I never travel without it.

Harry Josh Detangling Brush
The bristles are so soft and gentle on my hair.

My hair type: 

I have thick and wavy hair that I do not wash very often. As some with really coarse, long, and wavy hair may know, this is a recipe for disaster when it comes time to brush your hair.

Previously I’ve given up on fighting the tangles and cut the knots out! In my defense, I was battling a horrible chronic illness that made it very hard to take care of my hair.

Why do I not use a detangler spray for natural hair?

I have extreme sensitivity to hair products, makeup, and skincare products (part of my chronic illness). The more I limit my use of sprays, the better it is for my body.

I feel the difference when I try going back to using my old products; I swell up like a balloon.

I am done “testing” products. I know most detanglers, shampoos, and conditioners contain ingredients that can harm your body (especially if you already have a weakened system). 

Because of this, I steer clear whenever possible.

Harry Josh Detangler Brush Review

Best detangler for natural hair

This brush is the best detangler for natural hair. It worked so well for me that I wasn’t even tempted to buy a detangling spray or an expensive conditioner.

I buy all my Harry Josh tools and natural beauty products from

If you are a first time buyer they will give you 15-20% off your entire purchase, which is why I first went there. Other online stores only offered 10% off my first order, so it was a no brainer for me. They also have frequent sales.

Buy the full size detangling brush here
Buy the mini version here. (perfect for travel)

What is the best detangler you have ever used?

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