6 Incredible Benefits of Sleeping with a Humidifier

Are you sleeping with a humidifier? If you aren’t, you should, and this post is going to explain why.

I have been sleeping with one next to my bed for over 6 months and the health benefits of sleeping with a humidifier have blown me away! Keep reading to find out why… 

6 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping with a Humidifier

Backstory – I have a lot of health problems…

I have been incredibly ill for seven years (holy crap, has it really been seven years?!) with an incurable condition that can be incredibly debilitating. Unfortunately, when there is no research there is no help.

The condition is called POTS, short for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (thank goodness there is a nickname, ha). Essentially it means that my nervous system no longer functions properly. This in turn, affects every single organ in my body including my skin, sleep, and the strength of my immune system. Sleeping with a humidifier has helped all three of these issues – and several others.

Let me start with my skin…

Can sleeping with a humidifier benefit your skin?

Yes! It has worked wonders for my skin. My face looks filled out (instead of hollow), I look more youthful and the dry patches that constantly spotted my face have disappeared almost completely. 

I also noticed that my lips have become much less chapped and on most days I don’t even need to use a lip balm. It’s wonderful.

Improved sleep

It has improved my sleep by helping with a few conditions that were consistently hurting the quality of rest. One being it soothed my nasal passages and throat.

I’ve noticed using a quiet humidifier creates a damper and warmer bedroom making a more comfortable environment for me to sleep in.

My allergies lessened

Sleeping with a humidifier has greatly improved my allergies. I used to wake up with a clogged nose every day and now it feels so nice to wake up and be able to breathe. Before, I would wake up in the morning completely clogged and it was miserable. I knew it was affecting my sleep but I everything I tried failed to fix the issue.  

Have you ever woken up completely stuffed? It’s kind of miserable and it happened to me every single day for years! There seemed to be nothing I could do to help my allergies that lasted all year. It didn’t seem to matter what season we were in, It was allergy season for me. 

Sleeping with a humidifier has also cleared up all my “nose sores”.

I was constantly getting these painful sores in my nose, I am assuming they came because of the dryness of the air here in Las Vegas? I am honestly not too sure what caused them but since sleeping with a humidifier they have left and never returned! 

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Which Humidifier do I recommend?

Best Quiet Humidifier for Bedroom: LEVOIT Top Fill Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Best Humidifier for Large Room: LEVOIT Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

I actually have a few that I love. I have been using this humidifier for a large room for over a year and it has worked amazing. I recommend it for a larger room. Another benefit is having a very large tank, with a 6L tank you will not have to constantly refill it.

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