Best Restorative Yoga Poses for Beginners

Restorative yoga poses you can do with or without props!

After spending 4 years unable to sit up I knew I would have a long road back to recovery…if ever.  I was terrified I would never be the same (still working towards that goal as I am writing this).  

Yoga, has been a huge part of my recovery, and especially this restorative yoga sequence.  When you can’t sit up, walk, and even struggle to roll over at times putting at arm out to your side or just trying to focus on “relaxing” is the best thing for you.

I had to work up to this entire routine, even though they are all beginner Yoga poses.  But it is one I still use today and love.  You can adapt it to fit whatever your needs are.

Restorative Yoga Sequence (Beginner Yoga Poses)

I guess this is the part where I write a paragraph on how exactly to do each pose?  I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory.  They say (“they” as in people that do Yoga regularly) say that you should hold each pose for at least 5 minutes. But I would be lying if I said I have ever held any Yoga pose for 5 minutes.  That just sounds horrible!

The only pose I listed below that I know I have held longer than 5 minutes is corpse pose, and that is because I fell asleep.  So take it for what it is and start at your own pace.  If you know that you won’t do it if you feel pressure to hold every pose for 5-2 minutes than don’t.  Just start with 30 seconds and build up from there.

There is no right or wrong here in my opinion.  The point is to relax and not add added stress to the practice.

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Best Yoga Mat for Beginners 

These next poses are great because all you need is a Yoga mat. I always like to get the extra thick ones off Amazon because they are so cheap and so much softer to lay on!  You can’t go wrong with this extra thick Yoga mat.

Child’s Pose

Thread the Needle Pose (Both sides)

Reclining Bound Angel Pose 

You can hold this pose with just a yoga mat or you can add a pillow under your back if that is more comfortable.

Beginner Yoga Poses if you Have a Yoga Strap

Both Feet in the Air with the Yoga Strap

With this one you can switch from stretching both feet in the air to each leg individually.  The only real difference is that with both feet in the air you will put your hands by your side and try to relax as much as possible.

With one leg I like to pull my yoga strap so that I can really get a good stretch.

This is one of my favorite yoga poses I do during my nighttime routine.  It can really help calm your body down before bed or with restless legs. I use this yoga strap with loops and love it! (Game changer)

This restorative yoga sequence is perfect for relieving stress, mediation and deep breathing.
This restorative yoga sequence is perfect for relieving stress, mediation and deep breathing.

What is your favorite restorative yoga sequence or pose?

This restorative yoga sequence is perfect for relieving stress, mediation and deep breathing. It will be perfect whether you are looking for beginner yoga poses or advanced. This restorative yoga sequence can be done with or without props. #yoga #restorativeyoga #meditation #avenlylanefitness #avenlylane |

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