10 Spectacularly Beautiful Castles

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17 thoughts on “10 Spectacularly Beautiful Castles”

  1. I have always loved castles. Maybe it’s the princess in me. I loved the Slovakian castle the most. The Spanish ones are so beautiful too, with the wonderful contrast between peeks and arches.

  2. Thanks for compiling a list of the best castles. There are so many great ones it makes it difficult to decide which ones to see.

  3. I can’t believe these places are real. Absolutely breathtaking! I’ve never been to a castle, but I would love to visit one in my lifetime. The Alcazar Castle in Segovia Spain looks like a real site to see!

  4. The #6 castle in Scotland looks frightening! LOL. What a great list and idea for a blog post. Imagine if those walls could all talk. I’ve never even been to Europe, but it’s definitely on the bucket list.

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