Hey everyone! First off, thanks so much for visiting my blog. My name is Claire and I currently live in Las Vegas with my husband. I commonly get asked what casino I live in, but I can assure you, that there are suburbs in Las Vegas that are fantastically boring, and I now call them my home.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that immediately changed my whole life. I held on to my job as long as possible, but as my illness progressed I was no longer able to work.A year after leaving my job I was getting extremely bored. I felt trapped at home, and that I exhausted everything Netflix had to offer (not an easy task). I still wasn’t healthy enough to leave the house much, so I spent a lot of time browsing the internet. Thankfully, I found a number of inspiring blogs that kept me from going bonkers, and ultimately inspired me to start this one.

While you are here, you will find posts about fashion, travel, health, and even some of my random thoughts on life. I try to post 2-3 times a week, or whenever there is something too good not to share.

xo, Claire